Me :: An avid coding enthusiast- who loves coding, a derivative trader by trademark PixartsTrade, a photographer-by hobby, a freelancer- blogger, a hiking enthusiast, a stock market enthusiast and a learner for life, that’s me. I don’t claim to be experts in these fields, but a learner, learning each day, learning new realms of trading, photography and musing all about Life.

And I, Strongly believe in the quote, follow it very religiously.

“Learning Never Stops
And learning has no boundary”

With a diverse skills of coding, photography, trading and analysis, I believe, I embody versatility and creativity. As a coder, I built and transform abstract ideas into functional software applications, employing logical thinking and problem-solving abilities to create an elegant and efficient code. And the passion for photography allows me to capture mesmerizing moments through the lens, and translate these emotions and stories into visually captivating images. And it don’t stop there— I am also trying myself as a trader and analyst, trying my best to equip myself with a deep understanding of the stock market and financial intricacies. Keeping a keen eye for the market trends, meticulous analysis, and trying to make an informed investment decisions. Combining these multi-dimensional skills, I am constantly pushing the boundaries, and want to leave a lasting impact in each domain I venture into.

Any eager learners who always wants to learn, anyone who wants to venture into learning journey with me or team up, all are welcomed.

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One of my biggest challenges is that my broker Zerodha does not work when it’s needed

While CEO is busy giving gyaan on Indian economy and not knowing what’s happening in his own company

Bhai random podcast pe gyaan maat de. Deal with real tech issues in Zerodha

People have

I have never spoken to Abhishek kar! I blocked him on Twitter since almost a year

Why is he making a spiced-up story and posting my name attached to it? There is no person named Rohan nor is this the actual story I shared

I posted a tweet a long time back about a person who

All 3 out of my 3 big losses in the last year are the result of technical glitches.
Adapter issue,SL skips,exchange issues,connectivity issue,feed delay- u name it.

So after u outperform 99% of d traders, u gotta be at d mercy of these institutions?

Gambling truly it is🥹

I traded on multiple brokers. And except zerodha, every other broker went smooth.
I have proof too.
Now you want to contest?
@zerodhaonline @Nithin0dha

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